About Us

about eyesmediaEyes Property Sdn Bhd is an advertising media solution company based in Malacca. We started as a city advertising magazine publisher, with the magazine name it ‘EYES MEDIA’ to promote a particular product or service, introduce a new offering or promote a sales or upcoming event at Melaka and Muar.
We explore, test, invest and launch continually to evolving needs of a fast-growing city. We believe that excellence advertising is requires planning and creativity. By serving our readers and viewers first, we are able to connect them to the highest caliber of advertisers and marketing partners, with channels and audiences to meet every need.

Passion –We passion to our work same as our customer business. Only passionate workers are committed to continually achieving higher levels of performance that helps organizations develop the resilience needed to withstand and grow stronger from continuous market challenges and disruption.
Professionalism – We are the discipline, young, professional, and dynamic team where always prepare to provide the highest service of our marketing team. Our customers always will be our top priority. With our expertise, we work together and grow with our customer.
Commitment – We know how to communicate and connect with different audiences. We know to spend our advertiser’s money and deliver practical results.
Cost effectively – Effective advertising gets you the best return on your investment. In other words, the best ways to advertise your business are the ones that have low costs but reach a wide audience. We’re able to provide the valuable cost in terms of promoting your business through our different advertising channel.

We won’t let you throw your budget into one channel that limits your audience. We always provide On & Off solution to our customer business need. Other than magazine publication, we will also promoting your business through our online and social networking, such as WeChat, Facebook, Mobile App and Website data to achieve the objective of your brief.
We have also working relationships with other media owner and advertising network. This enables us to plan and manage your campaign most effectively in anytime and anywhere.

– Magazine publication
– Printing service (brochure, flyer and premium gift)
– Seminar event organization

In Eyes Media, you will surprised how we will promote your business, products, events services in all the field. We will keep updating and delivering the quality and efficient advertisement to the public. We are able to connect our audiences and viewers to the highest capacity of advertisers and marketing partners, with channels and audiences to meet every need.